• Chairman of the Company

    Lan Fang

    Lan Fang, the Chairman of Shanghai Fang Lan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. As an expert in the field of children's Chinese dance education, Lan Fang has researched deeply into the teaching method of Chinese dance for children, which not only makes students get excellent results in dance competitions at home and abroad, but also shapes children's excellent character. Lan Fang has practically explored the eight-dimensional integrated teaching method of Chinese dance for young children and formed a three-dimensional integrated management system for children's Chinese dance teaching institutions.

    In 2014, Lan Fang led 12 students to Korea to participate in the overseas Tao Li Cup Dance Finals and won 12 gold medals.

    In 2015, Lan Fang led 12 students to Singapore to participate in the International Children's Hand in Hand Festival Dance Competition and won 12 gold medals.

    In 2018, Lan Fang held a special performance of the studio at the national theater Shanghai City Theater, 200 students, 1500 audience, as the general director and chief planner.

    In 2019, Lan Fang led 6 students to Canada to participate in the GDC Global Dance Challenge finals, and won 6 silver medals.

    From 2019 to 2022, Lan Fang lead a total of 230 students to participate in the recording of the National Children's Spring Festival Gala of Dongfang TV, and won 230 outstanding performance awards.

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